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Review: This Is How You Die


REVIEW: This Is How You Die 
Edited by Ryan North, Matthew Bennardo, and David Malki !
Published by Grand Central Publishing
Currently in-stock at The Beguiling

Review by John Anderson

The Machine of Death started as an idea in Dinosaur Comics. Imagine a machine that tells you how you’re going to die. Its predictions are never wrong, but they are also never straightforward. So a prediction of MODERN MEDICINE means a drug overdose. PUMP MALFUNCTION? Heart attack. You can spend your whole life trying to avoid your death, but the machine’s prediction is always right in the end.

This is How You Die is the second collection of short stories based on this premise, and it’s brilliant, scary, hilarious, and a lot of fun to read. Each story takes the idea of a machine that predicts your death, and runs with it in a different direction.

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