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Review: The Furry Trap

Furry Trap

Review: The Furry Trap
by Josh Simmons

Published by Fantagraphics
Currently in-stock at The Beguiling

Review by Jason Azzopardi

When I last rhapsodized about his comics, I declared (probably ad nauseam) that Josh Simmons was a master craftsman of palpable dread, and that his first full-length graphic novel, House, was maybe the most saturated, uncomfortable example of the sensation that I’ve ever come across.  Well, that is a bit of a grandiose statement, I know, but I’ve always reveled in hyperbole and this is something I absolutely stand by.  In his most recent book, The Furry Trap, that feeling, once again, permeates everything on the page, but this time it’s interwoven with different degrees of pure raw terror that shred like fingers on a cheese grater.  It’s not so much the suffocating shadows this time, but the things that hide in them.

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