Some great new stuff in the store…

Hey there readers! We just wanted to shed the spotlight on a few books and other items of interest now in stock at the store. It’s been a pretty amazing spring for new comics and graphic novels, and many of the items we’re spotlighting aren’t currently available anywhere else.

First up is a shot of our main table on the first floor, the centerpiece of which is the new biography Strange and Stranger: The World of Steve Ditko by Toronto author Blake Bell. We held a successful signing for this one earlier this week and we’ve still got signed copies if you missed out. Surrounding it are Centifolia, a sketchbook collection from Stuart Immonen, What It Is by Lynda Barry, Inside Outside Overlap by Billy Mavreas, Chiggers by Hope Larson (soft cover and hard cover), and Shooting War by Anthony Lappe and Dan Goldman (and some of these are signed too!)

We’ve also got the new Blutch book, a silent collection of work that is seemingly non-narrative called “Beauty” or La Beaute. Lovely.

Meanwhile, arriving this week to great acclaim is Cat Eyed Boy by Kazuo Umezu. If you’re a regular you probably know that Umezu’s earlier series Drifiting Classroom is an employee fav, and these massive two volumes collect the entire series of creepy revenge stories.

Dropping just this afternoon from Harper Collins, we’ve also got the new graphic novel adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, adapted by P. Craig Russell. Also in stock is the fourth Warriors story, Warriors: Rise of Scourge adapted from the novel by Erin Hunter.

This week also had two new collections from Japanese creators. On the right we have the third and final collection of stories from Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Good Bye. This is amazing comics work, I’ve already finished this one and it’s just astonishing stuff. On the left is Yoshitaka Amano adapting The Magic Flute, which is a very, very pretty book (and big too…).

This week also saw re-stocks on two excellent DVDs. The Mindscape of Alan Moore is an acclaimed documentary that we had (and sold out of) a few months back, and we’re lucky to have restocked another few copies: Run, don’t walk. $34.95. We’ve also got more copies in stock of Justice League: The New Frontier, the animated adaptation of Canadian Darwyn Cooke’s cold war superhero epic The New Frontier. It’s just $24.95 for the two-disc special edition.

You might have heard on the internets that we’re the only store… in the world… that has the new Scott Pilgrim “Toronto” shirt. This shirt is not being reprinted, and we currently have plenty left of American Apparel Small, Medium, Large, and a few XLs. Once these are gone, they’re gone. $24.95 each, sorry, no mail-order on this item.

Finally, everyone’s favourite genre: YAOI! We’ve just received a shipment of 12 very adults-only Yaoi titles from publishers 801 Media and Be Beautiful that are not otherwise available in Canada. We should be receiving even more over the next two or three weeks, and hopefully our ordering hiccup on these titles is at an end. We’ll letcha know if anything changes.

And that’s it… FOR NOW.

– Christopher