Shipping Septemebr 30th, 2009

The following comics and graphic novels are scheduled to ship The Beguiling Books & Art on Wednesday, September 30th, 2009. All Prices listed in U.S. Funds. Variant prices are generally accurate to what we will be charging in store, but all disputes between prices will defer to the stickered, in-store price.

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Items of note this week:

JUL091141 Book Of Genesis Illus By Robert Crumb HC 24.95

The book of the week could only be this massive new collection of comics from R. Crumb, the single largest release of original work in his career. An adaptation of the Book of Genesis might not be to everyone’s tastes… but hey, neither is Crumb’s work (although we strongly suggest that folks get on board with the latter). But the work is gorgeous, we’ve seen a great preview and strongly recommend you check this one out.

AUG090198 Astro City Astra Special #1 (of 2) 3.99
Taking a short, two issue break from the massive DARK AGES arc, we get the first of two Astro City specials.

JUN090765 Die Hard Year One #1 3.99
Yup, that’s a prequel to the DIE HARD movies, in comics form.
JUL090757 Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep #4 (of 24) 3.99
This has proven incredibly popular for us, even though it’s a fairly unique format for a story.
JUL090153 Green Lantern #46 (blackest Night) 2.99
Since a number of people asked for it…
JUL090539 Shang-chi Master Of Kung-fu Black & White One-shot 3.99
Something a little different from Marvel…!
JUL090343 Sky Pirates Of Neo Terra #1 2.99
A new anime/video game-esque style mini-series from Camilla D’Errico and image comics. Full colour too.
AUG090003 Previews #253 October 2009 4.50
AUG090004 Marvel Previews October 2009 Extras 0.99

It’s a Previews week…
APR091097 Illustration Magazine #27 15.00
Another new issue of Illustration, though a little late.

APR091046 Tezukas Black Jack TP Vol 06 16.95
JUN091097 Tezukas Black Jack TP Vol 07 16.95


FEB090241 Absolute Promethea HC Vol 01 99.99

This is just about the best format for this material I could envision. As much as I like JH Williams’ work on Detective Comics right now, his considerable skill was put into the service of a much more complex narrative on Promethea, and I think it rose to the occasion. Good stuff.
AUG090907 Best American Comics HC 2009 22.00
This year’s guest editor? None other than Black Hole creator Charles Burns! He joins series editors Jessica Abel and Matt Madden for, hopefully, another excellent collection of comics.
AUG091192 Boilerplate Historys Mechanical Marvel HC 24.95
MAY090057 BtVS Season 8 TP Vol 05 Predator & Prey 15.95
Jeez, there’s just a ton of graphic novels out this week, and for every taste and audience. Buffy continues to bring in fans of the show (diehard, new, or lapsed…) and this fifth collection has been hotly demanded by fans.
JUL090259 High Moon TP Vol 01 14.99
Print collection of the popular Zuda webcomic.
JUL090639 Johnny Cash I See A Darkness GN 17.95
Apparently this is a very good eurocomics biography of The Man in Black, with stark black and white art. I wasn’t terrible impressed with the likeness on the cover on this one, but the overall effect is nice. Looking forward to checking this out.
JUL090730 Logicomix GN 22.95
This one’s actually already in store, and it’s neat as all heck. Math and logic in comics form.
AUG090885 Prison Pit SC Book 01 12.99
New Johnny Ryan…
JUL090874 Refresh Refresh GN 17.99
Excellent new graphic novella from First Second.
AUG091052 Sherlock Holmes Hounds Of Baskervilles GN 14.95
The first of many, many Sherlock Holmes graphic novel projects to see print between now and the release of the movie.
JUN090248 Sleeper Season 2 TP 24.99
And with the publication of this book, the complete SLEEPER arc (including POINT BLANK and SLEEPER SEASON 1) is now back in print. Ed Brubaker’s found some great success with his new crime series’ CRIMINAL and INCOGNITO, and deservedly so. We definitely recommend this one.
JUL090885 Trotsky HC 16.95
I actually don’t remember what this is, but who doesn’t want a graphic novel about Trotsky, amirite?
JUN090040 Umbrella Academy TP Vol 02 Dallas 17.95
Fiiiiiinally. We’ve still got the complete run in stock in singles, but so many people came to Umbrella Academy with the collected edition that they’ve been waiting for this second trade paperback for a while. It’s finally out this Wednesday, enjoy!
– Chris @ The Beguiling