Shipping October 29th, 2008

The following comics and graphic novels are scheduled to ship to The Beguiling in Toronto, Canada, on Wednesday October 29th, 2008. Click Here for the list:

Here’s our picks for the week: 081029-shipping.txt

AUG084007 Acme Novelty Library Hc #19 15.95
SEP083988 Ojingogo Gn 14.95

SEP083685 Venice Chronicles Hc 19.95

We’ve already mentioned these three fantastic releases on the blog, and all three of them are currently in-stock at the store, but we just wanted to make sure you knew about’em. All three are pretty fantastic, albeit in different ways, and I’ve personally bought all three. So, you know, there’s a recommendation.

AUG084553 Bat Manga Secret History Of Batman In Japan Sc 29.95
As those of you who scan your eyes right will realize, Chip Kidd, the editor and assembler of this book will be at The International Festival of Authors this weekend discussing this book. It’s a pretty amazing collection of rare comics, all assembled in the typical, beautifully over-the-top, Chip Kidd fashion. Money well spent.

SEP084041 Bourbon Island 1730 Gn 17.95
A new graphic novel from Trondheim! Good week!

AUG080012 Hellboy In The Chapel Of Moloch One Shot 2.99
It’s a brand-new Hellboy issue, entirely written and drawn by Mike Mignola. This will lead into the next six issue mini-series by Mignola and Duncan Fegredo.

AUG080233 Kill Your Boyfriend New Ptg 5.99
The out-of-print and difficult to find one-shot by Grant Morrison and Phil Bond is available again? But who knows for how long, sigh. Seriously, if you’ve never read this one it’s a hoot.

SEP084185 Tintin Hardcover Boxed Set (Res) 150.00
Every Tintin volume for 150 bucks? Plus a bonus book? Sounds like a steal.

Also of Note:

SEP084516 Akiba Manga Guide To Akihabara 19.95
Might be fun, might be awful. I’ll be giving it a look to see which.

JUL080231 Batman Death Mask Collected Edition 9.99
The original Batman Manga by the creator of Keikaishi.

JUN080058 Empowered Tp Vol 04 14.95
If you’ve never read Empowered, but you’re a fan of superheroes (or specifically not a fan of superheroes, too) it’s pretty darned good.

JUL080124 Joker Hc 19.99
The much-reviewed, much-asked about Joker story that will likely be enjoyed by fans of the recent Batman film.

AUG082260 Kick Drum Comix #2 (Of 2) 5.99
I feel like a lot of people missed this one, last month. It’s a series of short stories by Jim Mahfood, former TCAF guest. We’ve still got plenty of the first issue available too, check it out.

Meanwhile, new Previews and Wizard this week, for those of you interested.

– Chris @ The Beguiling