Shipping October 28th, 2009

The following comics and graphic novels are scheduled to ship The Beguiling Books & Art on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009. All Prices listed in U.S. Funds. Variant prices are generally accurate to what we will be charging in store, but all disputes between prices will defer to the stickered, in-store price.
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Items of Note:
AUG090012 Abe Sapien One Shot (osw) 3.50
A new one-shot featuring the popular Hellboy character.
AUG090199 Astro City Astra Special #2 (of 2) 3.99
I have a feeling that a lot of our Astro City regulars missed the first issue of this mini, but we’ve got plenty in stock.
AUG090086 Blackest Night #4 (of 8) 3.99
Slllllowly slipping from its monthly schedule, but everyone seems to be enjoying the series!
AUG090118 Detective Comics #858 3.99
A SECOND arc featuring artwork by the irrepressible J.H. Williams III, and after this one that’ll make 7 consecutive months of his work. We’re all spoiled.
SEP090868 Jennifer Love Hewitts Music Box #1 3.99
This week, this is going to be someone’s favourite comic.
AUG090129 Superman Secret Origin #2 (of 6) 3.99
Dug the first issue of this, the next pairing of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank on Superman.
AUG090708 Tribute Michael Jackson King Of Pop 3.99
He’ll live on in our hearts forever.
AUG091135 Bob Dylan Revisited Illustrated 24.95
JUL090019 BPRD TP Vol 11 Black Goddess 17.95
Much requested lately.
JUL090984 Fat Freddys Cat Omnibus 29.99
A handsome companion to last year’s Freak Brothers Omnibus!
SEP090639 Freakangels HC Vol 03 27.99
SEP090640 Freakangels HC Vol 03 Ellis & Duffield Sgn Ed 39.99
SEP090638 Freakangels TP Vol 03 19.99
The new collection of the popular online comic strip.
AUG090544 Kabuki TP Alchemy 24.99
Kabuki fans: Look for a special-sale in-store on the hardcover edition of this fine collection this Wednesday.
SEP090805 Key Moments From The History Of Comics SC 10.00
JUL090848 Red Snow HC 24.95
Diamond is shipping the new Gekiga manga from D&Q, which I STILL haven’t found time to read.
JUL090645 Rockpool Files GN 6.95
JUN090267 Sandman The Dream Hunters HC 24.99
This is the collection of the recently-released P. Craig Russel adaptation of the prose story that Neil Gaiman wrote for Yoshitaka Amano to illustrate. Got all that? Anyway, it’s perfectly lovely.
JUL090373 Sword TP Vol 03 Earth 14.99
Loooootts of people asking when this would be coming out. Way more than I was expecting, that’s for sure. I may not have ordered enough of this for Wednesday. There’s more coming next week anyway, but if you absolutely need it Wednesday, come early.
APR090829 Comics Journal #299 11.99
We’re finally getting the remainder of our order on this special issue of The Comics Journal, which includes all kinds of excerpted pages from that awesome-sounding anthology-project-that never was.
Also: With the closing of Grey Region a few weeks back, we’ve experienced a high volume of new customers, which we’re thrilled about! Thanks! Unfortunately that has meant quick sell-outs of some popular titles like Uncanny X-Men and the recent House of Mystery Annual amongst many others. We’d like to assure you that, as much as is possible, we’re on top of the situation and restocking previous week’s sell-outs as fast as we can get them, with lots of stuff coming back in this week (check the full list for details).

As always, we’re happy to do special orders for customers, holds, pullfiles, and more. Just ask any of the store’s employees to help you out.

– Chris @ The Beguiling