Shipping October 22, 2008

The following items are scheduled to ship to The Beguiling in Toronto, Canada, on Wednesday October 22nd, 2008.

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Here’s our recommendations for the week:

AUG084333 French Milk Gn 15.00
French Milk is the first professionally published book by Lucy Kinsley, a fantastic cartoonist and friend/contemporary of Hope Larson. We were lucky enough to stock a few of the self-published editions of French Milk a long time back, and this new edition of Lucy’s comics diary of her trip to France should be beautiful, to match the quality of her work.

SEP083989 Or Else #5 4.95
MAY083829 Drawn & Quarterly Showcase Tp Vol 05 19.95
This pair of Drawn & Quarterly releases are already available in store, but I did want to draw attention to them. D&Q Showcase #5 is a fascinating anthology work, and I really enjoyed it… They don’t tend to do themed anthologies, but all 3 stories really seemed to be about Time; the time we have left, the time we spent with each other, how long we end up waiting for things. Really sort of gentle and lovely.

Meanwhile, Or Else #5 totally did my head in. I’m still trying to figure out if there’s a larger meaning there, but the nitty-gritty will have you thinking about the nature of comics and storytelling for a good long while.

MAY080261 Heavy Liquid Hc 39.99
Vertigo realizes that maybe they ought to treat Paul Pope a little better, and decides to put one of his graphic novels back into print. Now in a heavy-duty hard cover edition, with corrected-colours.

JUL083986 Comics Journal #293 11.99
This issue of TCJ features interviews with S. Clay Wilson, Golden-Age cartoonist Craig Flessel, an important tribute to and interview with Will Elder. Also: Dave Stevens, Steve Gerber, the Centre for Cartoon Studies, and more. Looks like a little something for everyone this time out…

JUL080221 Northlanders Tp Vol 01 Sven The Returned 9.99
The first 8 issues of Vertigo’s EMO VIKINGS series (heh) collected, for just $10. It’s a pretty-good deal, and a solid new series for those looking to fill the gap left behind by Y: The Last Man now that it’s done. Oh, speaking of which, the first Y hard cover ships this week too.

Other Items of Note:

JUN084135 Dungeon Monstres Tp Vol 02 12.95
New Dungeon! Whoo-hoo!

AUG084240 I Live Here Hc 29.95
Mia Kirshner’s fascinating hybrid graphic novel, from Pantheon. This is, again, one you should take the time to look at this week.

MAY083635 Warren Ellis Aetheric Mechanics Gn 6.99 SEP083772 Warren Ellis Aetheric Mechanics Gn Con Ed 6.99
Original Warren Ellis graphic novel, making this three weeks in a row now where we’ve had a GN from Ellis, and all from Avatar. How about that?

JUL084332 Real Gn Vol 02 12.99
The second volume of Takehiko Inoue’s gripping Wheelchair Basketball manga. The first issue was really, surprisingly good. Looking forward to this one.

AUG082351 Hulk #7 2.99 JUN088058 Hulk #7 Turner Var (Pp #831) 2.99 The Hulk #7 Mike Turner variant will be available for cover price of $2.99 on this issue. Just as a reminder, we still have regular and Turner Variant editions of Hulk #6 available for cover price as well.

AUG080148 Superman New Krypton Special #1 3.99 AUG080149 Superman New Krypton Special #1 Var Ed PI
Just a reminder, the big SUPERMAN: NEW KRYPTON crossover between Action Comics, Superman, Supergirl, and a hand-full of specials (including last week’s SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN) starts here. James Robinson and Geoff Johns are co-writing it and they’re selling tons of comics for DC right now–that means someone likes it! Find out here if that someone is you.

AUG080219 Unknown Soldier #1 2.99 AUG080220 Unknown Soldier #1 Var Ed PI
Vertigo’s newest ongoing series, a relaunch of the Unknown Soldier.

– Chris @ The Beguiling