Shipping October 14th, 2009

The following comics and graphic novels are scheduled to ship The Beguiling Books & Art on Wednesday, October 14th, 2009. There is no delay because of the Thanksgiving Holiday. All Prices listed in U.S. Funds. Variant prices are generally accurate to what we will be charging in store, but all disputes between prices will defer to the stickered, in-store price.

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JUL091099 Battle Angel Alita Last Order TP Vol 12 9.99: Savvy Beguiling Customers know that we’ve had this one for a few weeks now, the newest installment in the incredibly popular Battle Angel Alita series. Actually, this one is easily in our top-5 bestsellers at the store, even after 22 volumes, (10 original, 12 “Last Order”). Anyway, we’re getting even more this week, and hopefully a restock on the out-of-stock volumes soon.
AUG090981 Akira Kodansha Ed GN Vol 01 24.99
AUG090982 Ghost In Shell Kodansha Ed GN Vol 01 26.99
The long, long, long out of print Dark Horse editions of AKIRA make their triumphant return this week, courtesy of their Japanese publisher Kodansha (now doing business directly in North America). I’m pretty excited to have these perennial, evergreen titles back in print. Here’s hoping that Kodansha does a nice job on the design and packaging (and reprint quality!).
Oh, and GITS is back as well, though we’ve had that in stock pretty-consistently for 10 years now.
MAR090226 Absolute Death HC 99.99: Your Absolute Sandman collection isn’t complete without it!
AUG090968 Act-i-vate Primer HC 24.99: This popular webcomics collective gets a fancy-schmancy hardcover collection of beautiful, original comics material (and not found online either). If you’re the type of person who just wants a great anthology full of beautiful work, this one’s for you.
AUG090226 Air TP Vol 02 Flying Machine 12.99
AUG090574 Daredevil Return Of King TP 17.99
AUG090666 Hatter M The Looking Glass Wars TP Vol 02 Mad With Wonder 14.95
JUL090286 Heavy Liquid TP New Ptg 24.99
It’s a whole bunch of “the next volumes” in popular ongoing trade paperback series’, as well as a new printing of Paul Pope’s awesome HEAVY LIQUID trade paperback.
JUL091247 Art Of Osamu Tezuka God Of Manga HC 40.00: While this one isn’t the first western-produced artbook on a Japanese manga-ka, this is the first from a non-manga publisher, and apparently it’s a damned-good book. As I mentioned at the time in my Previews Review, ” Tezuka’s colour-work doesn’t really get the play it deserves, and his art in general is often as breathtaking as his storytelling. I’m really hoping this book delivers the goods because with Tezuka there really is a ton of ground to cover.” And early reviews are very, very positive indeed. Good stuff!
JUL090284 Blood And Water TP 14.99: This is an early work by Judd Winnick, before all of the superhero stuff, and I promise you it’s a hell of a lot better than most of the rest of his output. Granted, it’s vampires, and I know some people feel that the Vampires are a little played out. But seriously? I remember really enjoying it at the time, and it’s got fantastic art by the totally under-rated Tomm Coker. Make sure to give it a flip this week if you’re in the store.
JUN091213 Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Ultimania SC 37.99: It’s a Japanese artbook full of the pretty boys from Final Fantasy 7, what more could you want?
JUL090845 Fixer & Other Stories TP 19.95: This is a “complete” collection of Joe Sacco’s Bosnian war stories, originally collected as the two hardcovers THE FIXER and WAR’S END. At $20 it’s an amazing deal and a brilliant read, a must-have in any good graphic novel collection.
JUL090867 Mome GN Vol 16 Summer 09 14.99: New Mome!
AUG090669 Odysseus The Rebel GN 12.95: This is a sort of weird, sort of neat retelling of the Odyssey. Originally serialized online, it’s got a disarming cartoony style and surprising cadence. I was honestly having a little trouble read it online, I’m glad to be getting a print edition.
AUG090416 Pride & Prejudice Prem HC 19.99: Marvel actually did a pretty straight-ahead adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, cleverly packaged as a sort of contemporary women’s fashion/lifestyle magazine. The hardcover continues that packaging trend nicely. Nice, idiosyncratic art on this one as well, a welcome change from the Marvel house style.
JUL090864 You Are There HC 26.99: New Jacques Tardi, the second of Fantagraphics’ new reprints.
AUG090527 Deadpool #900 4.99: It’s the debut of the THIRD Deadpool ongoing series, with a square-bound 80 page book of original material. It will then count down from 900. Yeah.
AUG090299 Hector Plasm Totentatz (one Shot) 5.99: So the first one-shot was actually really well-received here at the store, particularly among other artists and comics creators. We’re happy to have the first one in stock, just in time for this new one-shot by the same creator (and just in time for Halloween too!). For more info check out the website at
AUG090232 House Of Mystery Halloween Annual #1 4.99: Lots of customer interest in this one, a stand-alone tale in Vertigo’s new House of Mystery series featuring an amazing array of guest-artists including Luca Rossi, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Amy Reeder Hadley, Mark Buckingham and Kevin Nowlan, Mike Allred and more.
AUG090367 Walking Dead #66 2.99: Any week with Walking Dead is a good week.
– Chris @ The Beguiling