Shipping November 5th, 2008

The following books are scheduled to ship to The Beguiling in Toronto, Canada, on Wednesday November 5th, 2008. Click here to see the list: /081105-shipping.txt

Please note: All prices are listed in U.S. funds, which is not necessarily how they’ll be priced in store. See the next few posts, or in-store, for details.

The Beguiling Recommends:

Sandman Dream Hunters #1 (Of 4) 2.99

Sandman Dream Hunters #1 (Of 4) Var Ed 25.00
Absolute Sandman HC Vol 04 99.00

It’s like 1988 all over again, as this week sees the release of a new Sandman comic book! Sandman: The Dream Hunters #1 is P. Craig Russell’s adaptation of the illustrated prose story by Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano into comics format. Speaking as someone who really, really likes Russell’s work, I thought his recent adaptation of Gaiman’s novel Coraline missed the mark a little, stylistically, but Russell’s work here is ideally suited to the graceful, haunting ghost story that Gaiman wove in Dream Hunters. I rather enjoyed Amano’s near-impressionist take on the story, but I have a feeling that even with a huge, huge order on this one we didn’t order nearly enough! Also of note: The fourth and final omnibus collection of the original series, collecting issues 57-75 and the Sandman story from Vertigo Jam #1.

Alans War GN 24.00
This graphic novel by Emmanuel Guibert is a remarkable work, a memoir of a life spent in the trenches fighting Hitler during the second World War. I hesitate to place too many superlatives on this one, but you really oughtta read it. It’s the kind of graphic novel that you can love, and then share with your dad afterwards, and he’ll love it too. Doesn’t come around too often.

For more on Alan’s War and author Emmanuel Guibert check out this very emphatic review of the graphic novel by Cory Doctrow at BoingBoing, and last week’s most amazing internet video, a view of how Guibert creates the unique art for this series via the First Second Books weblog.

Oh! And also of note, Guibert’s series for young readers Sardine in Outer Space reaches its sixth volume this week as well!

Freakangels Tp Vol 01 19.99
This is a new series by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield, originally serialized online and now collected in a lovely book. Is it webcomics? Traditional comics serialized online? A bold new publishing idea? Who knows? from what I’ve read though, it’s quite good.

Watchmen HC 39.99
Watchmen The Absolute Edition HC (New Printing) 75.00

Watching The Watchmen: Previews Exclusive Hardcover 50.00

Speaking of 1988 all over again, that’s a lotta Watchmen. We’ve got the original Watchmen all gussied-up in a fancy hardcover edition, we’ve got a new printing of the even-fancier Absolute Edition, and the all-new retrospective book Watching The Watchmen, featuring hundreds of unseen drawings and illustrations by Dave Gibbons.

Essential Dykes To Watch Out For HC 25.00
For those who enjoyed Alison Bechdel’s recent extended autobiography Fun Home, we’re finally able to provide you with a nice collection of her earlier (and still ongoing!) work Dykes To Watch Out For. This hefty hardcover volume collects many of the series’ best-loved strips, and will definitely appeal to fans old and new.

Also of Note:

Ultimatum #1 (Of 5) 3.99 November 5-November 11, only 2 Bucks!
For the last 2 years Marvel has been teasing that they’re going to destroy the “Ultimate Universe”, the continuity-light version of the mainstream Marvel U ostensibly designed for “new readers”. This is the series that they say they’re going to do it in. Magneto gets Thor’s hammer and fucks shit up, in the modern vernacular. For the first week we’re offering the first issue of the mini for just $2.00, Canadian funds. It’s a pretty good deal, if you like that sort of thing.

Popeye HC Vol 03 Lets You And Him Fight 29.99
The third collection of classic Popeye comic strips, which are much better reads than you could possibly imagine.

48 More Ashley Wood Nudes SC 14.99
Dos Tarino Latest Art By Ashley Wood SC 35.00

Two new books from Ashley Wood, and not just ‘clever’ repackaging of existing books by Ashley Wood, which is a real rarity!

Sgt Rock The Lost Battalion #1 (Of 6) 2.99
A very personal story to creator Billy Tucci (yeah, I know, SHI, but bear with me here…) about a battalion of Japanese soldiers fighting for the allies during WWII, who encounter Sgt. Rock. On the one hand, it’s kind of sad that for DC to bother publishing a story like this the Sgt. Rock character needs to be involved… Alan’s War up top shows that need not be the case elsewhere. On the other hand, everything I’ve heard about this series leads me to believe it will be at least really interesting, and perhaps at best even a pretty good war story in the vein of Garth Ennis’ recent work.

Giant Robot #56 4.99

It’s almost like this magazine exists just for me, and my interests. This issue: “Folding art of Shin Tanaka, Homeless in Tokyo, Back in Beijing, Graphic artist Tadanori Yokoo, CSS’s Luisa Matsushita, Skater Daniel Castillo, Big Bamboo and much much more!” Whee! Image excerpt from Giant Robot #56 cover by “Kami”.

– Chris @ The Beguiling