Shipping March 11th, 2009

The following comics and graphic novels are scheduled to ship The Beguiling Books & Art on Wednesday, March 11th, 2009. All Prices listed in U.S. Funds.

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The Beguiling Recommends:

NOV084453 Be A Nose – Art Spiegelman Sketchbook Set 29.00
McSweeney’s is printing a collection of three of Art Spiegelman’s sketchbooks. So, there’s something you’ll have to buy.

MAY080063 Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack Hc 24.95
This is the vastly expanded edition of last year’s Perry Bible Fellowship book, now with every strip, and hundreds (yes, hundreds) of pages of extra and new material. Hil-lar-ious.

DEC080220 Transmetropolitan Tp Vol 01 Back On The Street 14.99
Warren Ellis’ modern classic has been reformated into these new editions. If you’ve never read it, it’s the perfect time to jump on board. The first two trades are so dense with ideas, humour, and humanity, that I can recommend them more-or-less unreservedly.

DEC084513 Neil Gaiman Blueberry Girl Hc 17.99
Recent Newberry Award-winner Neil Gaiman has teamed with Charles Vess to produce a brand new children’s book. It’s quite lovely looking.

JAN098111 After Watchmen Promotional Booklet PI
If you saw Watchmen and you’re looking for something else to read, check out this sampler of 6 or 7 different series that will whet your appetite. It’s free!

– Christopher