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The Beguiling Recommends…
It’s a very Canadian week for new releases. Here are three new books by Canadian creators, starting off with a special deal:
JAN101074E Ghost Projekt #1 (Of 5) 3.99
A new mini-series from Oni Press featuring art by Steve Rolston! Oni has done a free overship on this issue for us, and we want to pass the book onto folks who really want to read it. So here’s what we’ve got for you:
Buy any Oni Press graphic novel this week (including Scott Pilgrim, Resurrection, Love as a Foreign Language, Queen & Country, Whiteout, whatever!) and get a free copy of GHOST PROJECKT #1! Limit one per person, offer valid until March 16th 2010.
Here’s what the Oni website has to say about Ghost Projekt:
“U.S. Weapons Inspector Will Haley has seen his share of scary stuff. When your job routinely involves donning a hazmat suit, grabbing your Geiger counter and jetting into sometimes-hostile territory, “scary” feels almost normal. But when the alarm sounds at an abandoned Soviet facility, Haley, along with Russian “operativnik” Anya Romanova, must track a stolen weapon unlike any they’ve encountered before. What is the “Dosvidanya” project… and are they too late to stop it?”
Whoo! Check it out.
JAN101129F Street Fighter Legends Ibuki #1 (Of 4) A Cvr Dogan 3.95
JAN101130F Street Fighter Legends Ibuki #1 (Of 4) B Cvr Axer 3.95
Our friends over at UDON have the first issue of their new series drop this week, a little earlier than planned. We were going to do a signing for this one but the schedule got thrown out of whack… sorry guys! On the positive side though, we’re hoping to get writer Jim Zubkavich in at some point to sign our shelf copies, and (fingers crossed) we may even have some special copies too.
As for the story? It’s an action comedy about a teenage girl ninja named Ibuki, her would-be rival karate-champ Makoto, and an arrogant male ninja that keeps getting in the way. Plus, lotsa kicking.
If you’ve ever been inclined to try an issue, check this one out, it’s a good one.
DEC090967E Annotated Northwest Passage Tp 15.99
This is the new softcover edition of the big (and beautiful) hardcover collection of Scott Chantler’s NORTHWEST PASSAGE, a rollicking adventure yarn set in the days of fur trading and guns and forts and all that kinda fun stuff. Who knew history could be fun?
Check it out for yourself at Oni’s 31 page preview of the book:
DEC090863E Sand And Fury: A Scream Queen Adventure Sc (Mr) 16.99
KING creator Ho Che Anderson has a brand new Scream Queen book, SAND AND FURY. Ho’s work always looks good, and I’m personally pretty happy to see this one as he’d been talking a few years back about getting out of the comics game entirely…! Check out these quotes, this work is already getting some remarkable press!
“In Sand & Fury, Ho Che Anderson has done what I would have previously regarded as impossible. He’s found the illegitimate child of Faulkner and Lovecraft buried alive in a paranoiac’s terrified vision of the desert of the American Southwest… in a grave uncovered by the shriek of his own degenerate perversion of a banshee, for fuck’s sake.” – Howard Chaykin

“Anderson’s blocky figures and Expressionistic use of caricature are augmented by processed period photography, an approach that calls to mind the minimalist abstractions of Frank Miller. The characters are frequently depicted in high-contrast shadow, wherein features become flattened and skin colour is often difficult to determine. The resulting aesthetic is striking and symbolic.” — The Guardian

…and here’s what Fantagraphics has to say about it:
Sand & Fury is a story of blood, of sex, of death — of sound and retribution. It opens as a girl by the side of a desert road accepts a ride from a stranger. How could she know that behind that wheel sits the angel of death?

Of course, even the angel of death once had a life. During that life, death was a successful business woman, with a great career and an even greater future. It’s true she could be a little cavalier with her innate gifts; she had, after all, broken the heart of everyone who had ever loved her.

And then, one day, the monster entered the woman’s life and changed everything forever.

Inspired by the work of filmmakers like David Lynch and Dario Argento and cartoonists like Richard Sala and Charles Burns, a spiritual cousin to Roman Polanski’s Repulsion and The Tenant, Sand & Fury is at once an homage to those classic horror sources and a contemporary romantic thriller, drawn in a stark, chiseled, expressionistic line that evokes modern attitudes and classic terror at the unknown and unknowable.

Download a PDF excerpt containing the first 10 pages of the story (1.9 MB).

Also this week is the first volume of the TWILIGHT manga, but more on that later.
– Chris @ The Beguiling