Shipping June 27, 2012

The following comics and graphic novels are scheduled to ship The Beguiling Books and Art on Wednesday June 27th, 2012. All Prices listed in U.S. Funds. Variant prices are generally accurate, but in any dispute between web price and in-store price we will defer to in-store price.

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The Beguiling Recommends:
APR121232  The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen III: Century #3 2009   9.95
The third and final chapter in Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s next League story! With the first two chapters getting progressively darker and more terrible, I can only imagine this is going to be a gut-wrenching read, but one that I’m certainly looking forward to.

APR120988  Birdseye Bristoe HC   19.95

A rare thing this week, a completely original hardcover graphic novel in a delightful, full-colour hard cover. Dan Zettwoch is an amazing talent, Beguiling customers might know him from the “Leon Beyond” strips and mini-comics he’s been doing with Kevin Huizenga, or from his outstanding flood-themed story in the last little Drawn & Quarterly Showcase. This book is sweet looking, a note-book-looking story exploring the intersection of comics and diagrams, set in a fading small town. This might be amazing, but it’s at least going to be really interesting.

APR121306  Drops Of God GN Vol 04 14.95
Diamond is shipping us the fourth volume of Agi and Okimoto’s Drops of God this week, the amazing manga exploration of being a wine expert. I feel terrible that I haven’t started reading it yet, it’s seemingly everything I want in a manga… :-/

APR120439  Fatale TP Vol 01 Death Chases Me 14.99
Despite our best orders and huge numbers at that, we weren’t able to keep every issue of Brubaker and Phillip’s excellent new horror/noir series FATALE in stock at the same time, and I feel like some of you may have switched to ‘waiting for the trade’ on the series. Well, wait no more, the collection of issues 1-5 is out this week, as is the #6 which begins the second story arc.

APR120010  Fatima The Blood Spinners #1 (of 4) Hernandez Cvr 3.99
It’s not every day that Gilbert Hernandez starts a new mini-series (though he is pretty prolific), and Fatima: The Blood Spinner, sound crazy: A one-woman war on drugs where the drugs turn you into weird zombie people sort of. Neat.

FEB120281  Get Jiro HC 24.99
Food-writer-cum-television-celebrity Anthony Bourdain has been a vocal comics fan for a very long time, and it turns out his very first graphic novel work is coming out from DC/Vertigo on Wednesday! Langdon Foss is a great illustrator illustrator too, very much in the vein of the talented Seth Fisher, although I don’t know much about co-writer Joel Rose. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this one.

DEC111050  Gloriana HC  19.95
This is an amazing comic, full stop. Don’t miss out on it.

JAN121412  Gothic Lolita Bible #42 33.00
The latest issue of Gothic & Lolita Bible finally ambles over from Japan, sorry it’s been taking so long… it’s kind of outside of our control. FWIW, we’ve also gotten a bunch of back-issues in lately as well. Feel free to check’em out, located on the second floor.
Also of Note:

APR120284 American Vampire #28 2.99
APR121207 Atomic Robo Flying She Devils o/t Pacific #1 (of 5) 3.5
MAR121174 Atomic Robo Real Science Adv #3 2.75
APR121261 Bakuman TP Vol 11 9.99
APR120881 Bart Simpson Comics #72 2.99
APR120189 Batman Incorporated #2 2.99
JAN120442 Berkeley Breathed Outland Comp Coll HC 39.99
APR121177 Courtney Crumrin Ongoing #3 3.99
APR120659 Dorothy And Wizard In Oz #8 (of 8) 3.99
APR120536 Fatale #6 3.5
FEB128208 Hit-girl #1 (of 5) 2.99
APR120752 I Feel Sick #1 3.95
APR120753 I Feel Sick #2 3.95
MAR121193 Lovely Horrible Stuff HC 14.95
APR120545 Manhattan Projects #4 3.5
APR120553 Prophet #26 2.99
APR120606 Spider-men #2 (of 5) 3.99
APR120349 Star Trek Tng Doctor Who Assimilation #2 3.99
APR120591 Wolverine And X-men #12 Avx 3.99