Shipping July 13th, 2011

The following comics and graphic novels are scheduled to ship The Beguiling Books and Art on Wednesday July 13th, 2011. All Prices listed in U.S. Funds. Variant prices are generally accurate, but all discrepancies between listed prices below and in-store prices will defer to in-store prices.

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The Beguiling Recommends:

MAY110423 Red Wing #1 (of 6) 3.50
Before Jonathan Hickman was one of the “Architects” of the Marvel Universe on books like Fantastic Four and SHIELD, he was responsible for quite a few very well-regarded creator owned projects for Image, like Red Mass For Mars and The Nightly News. Hickman returns to his roots with this new series, and it’s a big enough deal for the company that they featured it right on the cover of PREVIEWS. A sci-fi / war comic– a summer blockbuster with a brain. I’m looking forward to it.

APR110929 Rasl #11 3.50
Another issue of Jeff Smith’s thoroughly enjoyable and always-surprising series about an interdimensional art thief and a series of ruined lives.

MAR111271 Homeland Directive GN 14.95
The new graphic novel by Rob Vendetti (The Surrogates) and Mike Huddleston (Butcher Baker). VIRAL PLAGUE CONSPIRACY THE PRESIDENT, basically. Sounds like a fun romp, and Huddleston’s work on Butcher Baker has been gorgeous so this should look great too.

APR110669 Incognito TP Vol 02 Bad Influences 17.99
MAY110710 Casanova Gula TP 14.99
From Marvel’s “ICON” imprint come these two excellent creator-owned graphic novels, the second in their respective series. INCOGNITO is Brubaker and Phillips doing noir superheroes, released like punctuation marks between every few arcs of their series Criminal. CASANOVA: GULA is the second art of Casanova, with art by Fabio Moon and a truly progressive–and transgressive–comic about sex and violence and what being a man of mystery is really all about.

MAR110027 Usagi Yojimbo TP Vol 25 Fox Hunt 16.99
It’s a silver anniversary for Stan Sakai and his venerable samurai bunny Usagi Yojimbo. I was just thinking about Sakai’s work today–I’ve never read the series in order, or read every volume. I’ll pick up a random volume from time-to-time, read it, and enjoy the hell out of it. It’s really good stuff, particularly if you’re a fan of episodic samurai stories like Lone Wolf & Cub. Give it a shot some time, if you’re looking for a guaranteed solid read.

Also of note…

MAY110588 Alpha Flight #2 (of 8) Fear 2.99
MAY110032 BPRD Hell On Earth Monsters #1 (of 2) Sook Cvr 3.50
MAY110617 Captain America #1 3.99
MAY110011 Dollhouse Epitaphs #1 (of 5) Phil Noto Cvr 3.50
APR118232 Flashpoint Batman Knight Of Vengeance #1 (of 3) 2nd Ptg 2.99
MAY110571 Ghost Rider #1 Blank Var Fear 3.99
MAY110031 Hellboy The Fury #2 (of 3) 2.99
NOV100743 Lady Mechanika #2 Cvr A Benitez 2.99
FEB110772 Lady Mechanika Collected Edition #1 3.99
MAY110611 Ultimate Comics Fallout #1 (of 6) Dosm 3.99
MAY110675 X-men Schism #1 (of 5) 4.99
APR111064 Clockwork Girl (harper Design) HC 19.99
MAR111225 Comics On Trial SC Vol 01 25.00
MAY110481 Twisted Savage Dragon Funnies TP 18.99