Shipping January 21st, 2009

The following comics and graphic novels are scheduled to ship to The Beguiling Books & Art in Toronto, Canada, on Wednesday January 21st, 2009. All prices listed in U.S. funds.

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The Beguiling Recommends

Mysterius The Unfathomable #1 (Of 6) 2.99
This new creator-owned series by writer Jeff Parker and Canada’s own Tom Fowler should be a hoot, and we’re totally doing a signing featuring Tom Fowler this Wednesday evening! Come one, come all! See the event listing for details.

Angora Napkin Gn 19.99
Part two of our Canadian Comics Cavalcade. Angora Napkin is a new original graphic novel by Troy Little, the creator of the indy series Chiarscuro. You might remember that series from years and years ago. Since that time, Troy has been working as an animator and his work looks really sharp. Be sure to check this out.

Stuart & Kathryn Immonens Never Bad As You Think HC 15.99
Part three of the outstanding Canadian Comics Cavalcade! You may be familiar with Stuart & Kathryn Immonen’s Never As Bad As You Think from its serialization online, or even the self-published small-format book that they’ve been selling at conventions for the last year or two. Well the story is now collected in a big hardcover format, it looks great and if you’ve never picked up a copy, this new edition is something to see.

Oishinbo Gn Vol 01 Japanese Cuisine 12.99
This one isn’t Canadian, it’s actually a food manga from Viz. It’s about a culinary journalist travelling across Japan, trying to discover their best foods. This volume acts as an introduction to the series, and future volumes will each feature a specific kind of food. This is awesome.

Miss Dont Touch Me Gn 14.95
This is a new European graphic novel from NBM publishing, and has everything you want out of a Euro album: “At the start of the 20th century, the “Butcher of the Garden Cafes” is prowling for loose young women. Florence, who has no family, works as a maid. Her only friend is her fellow maid, the fun-loving Agatha. When Florence loses her to what she saw was murder (but others only see as suicide), she tracks the killer herself and ends up a servant in a luxury house of call girls. She becomes good at certain lascivious practices — while still remaining a virgin! — but never loses sight of her goal: find the Butcher.” Really lovely art in this one too. Looking forward to it.

Tokyo Days Bangkok Nights Tp 19.99
The long-awaited collection of VERTIGO POP: TOKYO and the less-long-awaited collection of VERTIGO POP BANGKOK. Really? They couldn’t have collected London? With the really nice Phil Bond art? Pity.

Nevertheless, this collects all four issues of the gorgeously drawn Seth Fisher series, and we highly recommend it.

Also of Note:

Amazing Spider-Man #583 Obama 2Nd Ptg Var 3.99
We’re getting about 25 copies of this, again, 1 per person, first come first serve.

Dark Avengers #1 Dkr 3.99
Marvel is starting an all-new Avengers series, featuring villains taking over for The Avengers under the direction of Norman Osborn. It’s got a bunch of variants and things as well, but really, if you bought either Civil War or Secret Invasion or The Avengers, this is probably the book you should be following.

Final Crisis Superman Beyond #2 (Of 2) 4.50
I guess this week we find out if the end of Final Crisis #6 spoils the end of this book, or if this actually takes place in the order it was released. Either way, Final Crisis has been a pretty enjoyable series, if you can stomach all the delays, and this one’s 3d I think. Fun times 🙂

Ruins #1/Ruins #1 Logo Var 4.99
Marvel is re-releasing Warren Ellis’ dark parody of MARVELS. It’s called RUINS, and it’s a mean little book. There’s a 50/50 variant on this.

Street Fighter Legends Chun Li #1 (Of 4) A & B Cvr 3.95
Our friends at UDON have got a new new mini-series, filling in the gaps in the life and history of Chun Li. Not that you care, you just want to see her kick dudes in the face. And I get that, I do. I promise: There will be kicking in the face.

Maximum Ride Tp Vol 01 10.99
The manga adaptation of James Patterson series. Pretty-looking.

Path Of The Assassin Tp Vol 14 Bad Blood 9.95
The next volume in the series, and so quickly after the previous volume!

Real Gn Vol 03 12.99
I really liked the first volume of this, and haven’t read the second. I should probably do that before Wednesday.

Tezukas Black Jack Tp Vol 03 16.95
We’re getting the softcover first again. No word on when the hard cover is coming.

– Chris @ The Beguiling