Shipping April 14th, 2010

The following comics and graphic novels are scheduled to ship The Beguiling Books & Art on Wednesday, April 14th, 2010. All Prices listed in U.S. Funds. Variant prices are generally accurate to what we will be charging in store, but all disputes between prices will defer to the stickered, in-store price.

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A few quick pics:
FEB100959 Kill Shakespeare #1 3.99
FEB100960 Kill Shakespeare #1 10 Copy Mcleod Incv 6.00
We’ll be making an event announcement about this imminently.
FEB100923 Mome GN Vol 18 14.99
Always a good day when there’s a new MOME.
FEB100905 Olympians GN Vol 02 Athena Grey Eyed Goddess 9.99
I liked the first graphic novel in this line, looking forward to this one.
DEC090263 Other Lives HC 24.99
This, I believe, is a brand new original hardcover graphic novel from Peter Bagge…!
FEB100907 Prime Baby TP 6.99
Collecting American Born Chinese creator Gene Yang’s strip from the New York Times Magazine.
JAN100911 Prince Of Persia Before The Sandstorm TP 9.99
The prequel to the upcoming summer blockbuster, with art by Todd McFarlane I believe?
FEB100116 Brightest Day #0 3.99
The next year-long DC event kicks off here!
FEB100154 Doc Savage #1 3.99
Meanwhile, the DC pulp-heroes line begins with this modern take on Doc Savage.
– Christopher