SEX CRIMINALS #1 – A Comic Book Launch Party


The Beguiling proudly presents:

Sex Criminals #1 – A Comic Book Launch Party
Featuring series creators Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky in attendance.
With host Sasha and special guests Ego Assassin.

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013.
@ Wicked Nightclub, 1032 Queen St. W., 2nd & 3rd floor
Doors @ 7PM. Presentations begin at 8PM.
$5 Cover, includes a copy of Sex Criminals #1
Strictly 19+. Private event.

“It’s funny, heartbreaking and real all at once, while also being about sex and crime… One of the best comics I’ve read in years.” 

– Ed Brubaker, Fatale, Captain America: Winter Solider

TORONTO—Forget what it sounds like! SEX CRIMINALS is the funny, filthy, brand new comic book from acclaimed writer Matt Fraction and Toronto’s own celebrated illustrator and former mayoral candidate Chip Zdarsky. What’s it about? It’s about a couple of attractive young people who literally stop time when they orgasm, and then, while time is stopped, they rob banks! The Beguiling is gonna throw a hell of a launch party for it on release day, Wednesday September 25th, at WICKED nightclub. Yeah, that WICKED.

The Sex Criminals #1 Comic Book Launch Party is a strictly 19+ event that will feature Messieurs Fraction and Zdarsky as they present and perform from the series and across their repertoires! The evening will be hosted by Toronto’s own sexual advice guru Sasha, and feature live fetishwear demonstrations courtesy of Ego Assassin! Oh, and there’s an honest-to-goodness grotto too, so bring your swim trunks. The entire nightclub will be open to the public for your exploration, and the price to sate your curiosity is only $5, which includes a copy Sex Criminals #1!

Sex Criminals #1.
It’s Smart, Sexy, Sweet, and a little Smutty.
You’re going to love it. Come celebrate it.

Oh, and, this is a fun event, adult-oriented event, but we would like to remind all patrons of the importance of respecting the boundaries of the other attendees. Our goal is to create a positive space that is respectful and accommodating to persons of all genders and sexualities. Got more questions? Scroll down for the FAQ! Thanks!


Sex Criminals is a new ongoing comic book series written by Matt Fraction (Fantastic Four, Casanova) and illustrated by Chip Zdarsky (Prison Funnies, ‘Extremely Bad Advice’), and published by Image Comics. It will be available in comic stores around the world on Wednesday, September 25thFor interview requests or advance reader copies, contact Chip Zdarsky at

The Beguiling recently celebrated its 25th year as one of the most renowned comic and alt-culture shops in the world. A purveyor of comics, books, and original art, The Beguiling hosts more than 50 book events per year and is the premiere sponsor of The Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Find them at

Sasha is best known to Torontonians for her fabulous and factual sex-advice columns, but this bonne vivante is a multi-talented writer, author, and performer about town whose theatre company Operation Snatch is acclaimed for its cross-disciplinary productions about sex, death and social pariahs.
Ego Assassin is a Toronto-based latex-design and screen printing team, specializing in modern styles and original prints and graphics. Visit them at



Because this event is being held in a “sexual club” aka a “sex club” (aka a “fuckstablishment”) there may be a few questions potential attendees have. I am here to answer them.

1. So, this is a sex club?

2. Does that mean I have to have sex?

3. Are you trying to trick me?
No! This is a private event on a night that the club isn’t normally open on. It will be filled with authors and editors and comics folk who, while HIGHLY SEXUAL BEINGS I’M SURE, probably will not start poking each other’s bums with rolled-up comics. Also, even if it was a standard sex club night, no one has to have sex. Ever. Always remember that (NBC’s ‘The More You Know’ star flashes across the screen).

4. I still don’t believe you.
My parents will be there!

5. Well I heard they’re perverts.
Fair enough.

6. OK, but still, it’s a sex club. What if sex happens?
The club space that we have rented is two floors. On the lower floor is a standard club with a bar and seats and presentations and, yes, a hot tub. The upper floor is the traditional sex floor, like everyone has in their house. That would be where people would have sex if so inclined. So, if a Doug Wright Award Winner™ wishes to enter a new realm of passion with a Shuster Award Winner™, that’s where it would happen. If that were to occur then just be respectful of their comic consummation and don’t join in unless invited to, OK, Harvey Award Nominee™?

7. Fine, fine, I get it. You’re having an ultimately sexless sexy sex event. Very edgy and ironic, Chip.
Thank you. We stole the idea from TIFF™.

8. But some serious questions here: will the space be trans inclusive/positive?
What? Of course! I’m hurt you’d have to ask that about an event I’m hosting, frankly.

9. Sorry. Also, is the space wheelchair/mobility device accessible?
Sadly, no. There are 20+ stairs leading up to the event space.

10. Wow, what a bummer way to end this FAQ.
Well, then ask me another question!

11. Do you love me?