SEP 16: Jay Stephens “DEJECTS” book launch!

Monday, September 16th The Beguiling is delighted to announce a book launch and signing with the one and only JAY STEPHENS!
Best known for his animated television series Jetcat, Tutenstein, and The Secret Saturdays, Jay Stephens has spent the last quarter-century telling stories-with-pictures in his own comic books (SIN, The Land of Nod, Atomic City Tales, Jetcat Clubhouse), alternative weekly strips (Oddville!), monthly kids magazines (Chick & Dee, Arrowhead), daily newspaper comics (Oh, Brother!), and picture books (Monsters!, Heroes!, Robots!, Freaky Fun Activities).
Over the years, many of those comics have been collected in several volumes: The Land of Nod Treasury, The Land of Nod Rockabye Book, Go Power!, Oddville, Jetcat Clubhouse… but what of those characters and pages and strips that didn’t fit in any collection? What became of the Dejects?
Lovingly coloured for this collection, Dejects is the resource for those odds and ends, and bits and bobs, from 1991–2019. That’s 136 pages, spanning 28 years worth of Jay’s unique and diverse comics, available here for the first time since their original appearances in print, and some for the very first time anywhere!
See you in the store at 7PM September 16th! We can’t wait!
“Jay Stephens’ comics have knocked my socks off from day one! He can draw anything with power and energy, be it simple, complex, goofy, or flat-out disturbing… as if his pencil and brush have been imbued with a twisted magic spell of some kind. The kind of magic that gave us Harvey Kurtzman, Tex Avery, and (name your favorite twisted comic strip). Dejects is a wonderful collection of Jay’s most bizarre stuff! A priceless treasure for anyone that digs great cartooning straight from the id!” Michael Allred, MadmanSilver SurferiZombie