Scott Pilgrim Movie T-Shirts and Hoodies Now On Sale! 1st Come, 1st Served

Hi folks! Thanks so much for your patience. Here’s the deal:

We got our full order of shirts and hoodies in, which is great! All of the folks who preordered before June 10th have their stuff on hold, and have received a confirmation email. IF YOU HAVEN’T, CHECK YOUR SPAM FILTER. If you still can’t find anything, email me, and I’ll see what I can do.
We have multiple copies of all of the shirts and hoodies above, in every size. We are offering these on a first-come, first served basis in-store starting Thursday, August 12th. T-shirts are $20 plus tax, hoodies are $55 plus tax.
These are for in-store sales only. We’re just too busy with our existing mailorders and the ravenous demand by Torontonian shoppers. We will open the remaining stock up for mailorder on Monday, August 16th.
– Chris @ The Beguiling