Sci-Fi/Anime Flea Market – Friends of the Merril

Sci-Fi/Anime Flea Market

Presnted by The Friends of The Merril & Toronto Public Library
Saturday, September 11th, 2010, 10am-4pm
@ Toronto Reference Library, Beaton Auditorium, 789 Yonge Street
Free Admission
You and I both know that nerds accumulate a LOT of stuff over the years, and sometimes circumstances force them to part with that stuff. For example, I have a bunch of old video game systems that I have been asked to “get rid of”, and a bunch of books that I’m embarrassed to bring into work and sell.
Well luckily, the fine folks at The Friends of The Merril (the awesome non-circulating sci-fi and fantasy collection) have organized a ‘Flea Market’ for me and other nerds like me to get rid of our stuff… to people like you! Come on out and buy my stuff, and the stuff of the other exhibitors! Books, comics, anime, manga, video games, doo-dads, goo-gaws, and so much more! Saturday September 11th, 10am-4pm.
– Chris @ The Beguiling