San Diego Comic-Con Limited Edition Exclusives Now In Stock

Hey variant and rare comics fans! We went to San Diego Comic Con, and we brought back a boatload of convention exclusive comics! We also got a bunch of other variants too. All titles are now available in store on a first-come, first-served bases, and are generally priced at the price they were sold for at Comic Con. Prices available in store. Quantities are extremely limited on all titles.



Skybound 5th Anniversary Comic Box Set – Rare B&W Variants
This limited edition box set includes 10 Skybound #1 issues, each featuring a special 5th anniversary cover treatment.  BONUS! Our box-set had the EVEN RARER B&W covers! Titles include: THE WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE, THIEF OF THIEVES, GHOSTED, MANIFEST DESTINY, BIRTHRIGHT, SUPER DINOSAUR, CLONE, WITCH DOCTOR and OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA. The box set also comes with a Skybound branded flash drive loaded with digital collections of these titles’ first volumes.


Invader Zim “Truthshrieker” Zine
A brand-new zine, set in the world of Invader Zim (and ‘created’ by Dib), this zine was not available in comic stores and is absolutely essential for any Zim fan!



Walking Dead #144 & Outcast #10 Skybound Comic-Con Exclusive Variants, and Black and White Editions
Hey Walking Dead #144 came out last week and it was CRAZY. Outcast #10 was crazy too. Well we got the limited edition Comic-Con variants, and then we got some other super-crazy-rare B&W variants as well.

Adventure Time Fionna & Cake Card Wars #1 PX Cover
Adventure Time Fionna & Cake Card Wars #1 SDCC Exc Cover
A-Force #2 Comixology Cover
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #2 RRP Variant
Bob’s Burgers #1 PX Cover
Chew #50 Image/SDCC Variant
Civil War #1 PX Minimates Cover (SW)
Convergence #1 1:100 Capullo Cover
Darth Vader #1 ComicsPro Variant
Darth Vader #7 PX Cover
Donald Duck #1 IDW/SDCC Variant
Fight Club #1 – Signed by Chuck Pahlaniuk
Ghostbusters Get Real #1 IDW/SDCC Variant
Godzilla in Hell #1 IDW/SDCC Variant
Groot #2 Sketch Variant
Injection #3  Image/SDCC Variant
Invader Zim #1 Oni/SDCC Variant
Invader Zim #1 PX Cover
Invader Zim “Truthshrieker” Zine
Justice League of America #2 – Bryan Hitch RRP Wrap Variant
Kaijumax #1 – Image/SDCC Variant – SIGNED
Lando #1 Skottie Young Baby Cover B&W Edition
Mickey Mouse #1 – IDW/SDCC Variant
Multiversity #1 Morrison Sketch Variant
Mythic #2 – Image/SDCC Variant
Onyx #1 – IDW/SDCC Variant
Outcast by Kirkman and Azaceta #10 – Skybound/SDCC Cover
Outcast by Kirkman and Azaceta #10 – Skybound/SDCC Rare B&W
Rebels #1 Dark Horse/SDCC Cover
Rick & Morty #1 Oni/SDCC Cover
Sandman #1 1:200 Cover
Sandman #1 1:100 Cover
Secret Wars #4 PX Minimates Cover
Shutter #13 Image/SDCC Cover
Spire #1 Boom 10th Anniversary Cover
Star Trek Green Lantern #1 IDW/SDCC Cover
Star Trek Green Lantern #1 PX Cover A
Star Trek Green Lantern #1 PX Cover B
Strange Fruit #1 Boom 10th Anniversary Cover
Starve #2 Image/SDCC Cover
Superman Unchained #1 1:200 Jim Lee B&W Cover
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Casey & April #1 IDW/SDCC Cover
Transformers #42 Combiners IDW/SDCC Cover
Transformers MTMTE #42 Combiners IDW/SDCC Cover
Transformers Windblade #4 Combiners IDW/SDCC Cover
Transformers Combiner Hunters #1 IDW/SDCC Cover
Walking Dead #144 Skybound/SDCC Color Variant
Walking Dead #144 Skybound/SDCC Rare B&W Variant
Walking Dead #1 Gilbert Hernandez Color Cove
Walking Dead #1 Gilbert Hernandez B&W Cover
X-Men ’92 PX Cover
PX= Previews Exclusive

Outcast Volume 1 Ltd. Ed. HC
Walking Dead Compendium V1 Ltd. Ed. HC
Walking Dead Compendium V2 Ltd. Ed. HC (1st ptg)

SF 25: Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Ltd Ed. Akiman HC

Krypto Plush PX
DC Comics Blueline Edition Jim Lee SDCC Exclusive Figure

Walking Dead SDCC Exclusive Crossbow
Walking Dead SDCC Exclusive “Lucille” Baseball Bat

And finally, we got some nice advances of The Art of Suda 51 from Last Gasp, don’t miss it!

– Chris @ The Beguiling