Sammy Harkham Directed a Film, screening September 12th

Hey, good news! It looks like a film directed by excellent comics maker and friend of the store Sammy Harkham will be screening as part of the MEMORY traveling short film program.  The screening is the evening of September 12th, and to go all you need to do is request an invite at

Here’s more about the film:


Untitled-1HANG LOOSE is a night in the life of an aimless surfer, Wade, who chases his whims up and down the California coast. When he returns to his former hometown, he takes the opportunity to visit his ex, who has moved on, and is wary of his attempt to reconnect. Wade sets out to regain her trust, but his old ways quickly come calling.
Starring Kyle Field of the band Little Wings and shot in Cayucos, California the film is the first by celebrated graphic novelist Sammy Harkham. Sammy’s work won a 2012 Los Angeles Times Book Prize as well as being republished in “The Best American Nonrequired Reading”. Sammy Harkham is the editor of the “Kramer’s Ergot” series which is considered one of the most influential comic anthologies, in addition to being a co-founder of Los Angeles Family Bookstore and renouned revival theater Cinefamily.
Co-Director Patrick Brice’s first two films released this year within two weeks of each other, the indie comedy hit THE OVERNIGHT starring Jason Schwartzman, Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling and found footage indie horror film CREEP with Mark Duplass, produced with Jason Blum’s Blumhouse. More on the films at