Sale of Rare Seth Artwork at SDCC from The Beguiling!

The Beguiling is pleased to announce that for the first time, we will be selling Original Artwork from Canadian Comics Icon Seth’s graphic novel classic IT’S A GOOD LIFE IF YOU DON’T WEAKEN, as part of our original art display and sales at The Drawn & Quarterly Booth (#1529) at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

For years, graphic novel fans have clamoured after comic pages from Seth, creator of the classic Palooka-ville series and numerous graphic novels including Wimbledon Green, George Sprott, and Clyde Fans, and until this year Seth had only made available original art from his prodigious illustration career for sale. But this is the first time that pages from his first graphic novel have been made available for sale, and make no mistake they will sell quickly (We had 10 pages for sale and one sold as we were unboxing the art!) So we will be bringing 9 pages from It’s A Good Life… to San Diego, alongside a handful of brand new illustrations by Seth. It’s a pretty amazing opportunity!
As always, The Beguiling will have a small display set up in the beautiful Drawn & Quarterly Booth, #1529–the same location they’ve been for nearly 20 years! And if Original Art is too rich for your blood, Seth’s PALOOKA-VILLE #20 will also be debuting at the show. The first in the new hardcover format of 150 pages or so, it contains a complete graphic novella. For more on D&Q’s plans at San Diego, check out their blog.
This exclusive Seth art is great news for art fans, and it’s just the tip-of-the-iceberg for original art fans coming to San Diego! The Beguiling will also be featuring art from all of its artstore clients (as seen at! Of special note, we’ll have brand new work on hand from Sammy Harkham, Jeffrey Brown, Jason Lutes, and (God-Willing) Paul Pope.
We _are_ accepting special requests for art from our website at If you see a piece of art on our site that you’d like us to bring to San Diego for you, email us at! You can save yourself some shipping (and insurance) on original art!
Oh, and we’re going to try to bring some TCAF Posters and other prints too.
All the best,
– Chris @ The Beguiling