Rare Gorey? Walt Kelly’s Pogo? We got that.

Not the world’s most flattering portrait, but it’s a great way to get across the following news: We just bought a whole ton ‘o’ Walt Kelly’s POGO, in a variety of reprint formats. It was part of a collection of really interesting stuff that’s come through the store, that we’re in the process of pricing and putting out for sale. This bucket of Pogo can be found and rummaged through on the main floor.

Meanwhile, if you’re a little less Kelly and a little more Gorey, check this out: Did you know Edward Gorey made zines? This collection of chapbooks was printed in a _very_ limited edition of just 500, and was one of a number of cool Gorey rarities that we also picked up recently. These are secreted away right now, but look for them to make their public debut shortly. Of course, since you’ve read this already you can feel free to get an earlier look at them. Ask Peter on the main floor.

But that’s not all!

That collection also featured a ton of Heavy Metal, MAD, National Lampoon, and other magazines! If you’ve been looking for back issues of any of these fine publications, send us a list at mail@beguiling.com and we’ll let you know what we’ve got. There are so many of these magazines that there’s no way for us to display them in store, so e-mail (preferred) or call with a list, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

– Chris @ The Beguiling