Featuring Jim Zubkavich and Rob Walton
Thursday, November 30th, 7PM
The Victory Café, 595 Markham (Just down the street from The Beguiling)

We’re giving you LOTS of advance-notice on this one (Christmas-party season is just around the corner), but we’re doing a combined launch for two new books from Toronto authors and we want you there!

After many many years, Rob Walton’s cartoon/comedy/conspiracy series RAGMOP comes to its startling conclusion, in graphic novel form! Whether you’re a RAGMOP reader from a long time ago who’s been patiently waiting for the series end, or someone who wonders what a Hanna Barbara version of The Invisibles would be like (trust me: awesome), THE COMPLETE RAGMOP graphic novel is for you. “…sly, snide, perceptive, exciting, gut-bustingly funny, and utterly indescribable… RAGMOP is a work of frenetic brilliance.” – Slings & Arrows Comic Guide.

Also launching THE SAME DAY is the collection of Jim Zubkavich’s MAKESHIFT MIRACLE, a graphic novel originally serialized online and now available in an incredibly inexpensive print edition. MAKESHIFT combines fantasy and adventure into a pretty remarkable coming-of-age story for all ages. “A melancholy, enchantingly drawn meditation on imagination and yearning.” – Scott McCloud, author of MAKING COMICS

The creators of both graphic novels will be doing short presentations from their books, followed by signings. This also ties in to the final Industry Night of the year, which will be held at more-or-less the same time so it should be a whole lot of fun.