Radio Free Parrish INDEED.

Hello, it’s Chris. I’m back. I see Parrish posted in my absence. Feh! Bah! You all know it’s my soothingly typed messages that you love.

Lots of stuff is going to get announced and whatnot in the next two weeks, a few targetted sales, some creator events (that post just below this one is a hint…), and we will hopefully have a ton of new product from my recent visit to Japan up on the store shelves before August comes our way.
Oh and TCAF.
So yeah, I’m back, thanks for the well-wishes and I shall be providing you with all kinds of informative postings and emails in the weeks to come.
– Chris
P.S.: Seriously though? Thanks to Parrish for keeping shit together while I was away. I feel like he needs a vacation now too, but he did a great job at everything while I was gone. if you see him at the store, make sure to give him a big hug 😉