[PRESS RELEASE] Billy Mavreas + Michael Comeau This Friday!

Comic Artists Draw Lines in the Sand:
Neo-pagan Weirdo and Fundamentalist Oil Freak Showdown at Keep Six Contemporary

July 9, 2008, TORONTO, ON – On July 18, 2008, Billy Mavreas and Michael Comeau will be expounding, expostulating and marking their metaphysical turf for the launch of Inside Outside Overlap: A Boy Priest and Lifeform the “Cat” Adventure. The new book will be celebrated in a comic-arts smack down at Keep Six Contemporary (938 Bathurst Street) as part of their two-week art show. Montreal underground legend, Billy Mavreas, pits his neo-pagan, sinister cartoons of cute bunny gods against the silk-screened, oil-mongering fundamentalist Hellbertan humans from Toronto’s Punchclock hero, Michael Comeau.

At 8pm (doors open at 6pm) on July 18, Keep Six Contemporary will be host to a lively tête-à-tête between these two opinionated artists whose work straddles the fine-drawn lines of art and spiritual / religious idolatry. Musical guests, Two Pack Fer Sure, will provide musical punctuation for their dialogue on their contrasting art “spiritualities.” A book signing and music from DJ Marcus Boon, will follow. The show featuring Mavreas’ and Comeau’s silk screening, rock posters, illustrations, print and sound will run from July 18 to August 3, 2008.

While Mavreas is in Toronto he will also be guest lecturing at OCAD on Wednesday July 15th, teaching Creative Collaborative Art Workshop at the Centre for Social Innovation on Thursday July 16th, and hosting a Drawing Party at Keep Six Contemporary with other local underground comix stars on Saturday July 19th.

BILLY MAVREAS is a Greek-Canadian artist living in Montreal. In 2001, Conundrum Press & Crunchy Comics published his collection of shorts entitled The Overlords Of Glee. He recently published Inside Outside Overlap: A Boy Priest and Lifeform the “Cat” Adventure with Timeless Books. Since 2004, he has drawn a quarterly strip for ascent magazine, “Tales from the Vase.” Mavreas Co-founded Canadas largest small press fair expozine, manages the renowned gallery / boutique Monastiraki, has been internationally published in over 200 publications, and exhibited in over 40 shows in Cuba, Slovenia, Greece, USA, Japan, and more.

MICHAEL COMEAU is an artist that lives in Toronto. Comeau works at Punchclock, a print-shop collective based in Toronto. Through screen-printing he publishes books, posters, records, t-shirts, even house wares. Comeau’s approach to creation is that the group communication of the multiple is much more important than the elitism of the singular art piece.

For more information, visit http://www.timeless.org.