Powerpuff Girls #1… The Beguiling Edition!?


This week!

To celebrate the release of POWERPUFF GIRLS #1 this week (out Wednesday, September 25th), written and illustrated by Canada’s own Troy Little, we commissioned a very special Canadian cover… The Beguiling edition!

As you can see, it depicts main baddy Mojo Jojo having climbed the CN Tower! (Reminds us of another famous simian…) Luckily, the Powerpuff Girls were hanging out in Mirvish Village (near The Beguiling) and are ready to leap into battle!

If you want to get a copy of your very own (or two or three), the regular price is $5, but we’re offering it for $3.99, the same price as the regular covers. This deal only lasts from Wednesday September 25th through Tuesday October 1st.

Our thanks to creator Troy Little, and the great folks at IDW for helping us put this together!

– The staff of Little Island & The Beguiling