POWER LUNCH – Kids GN Launch @ Little Island

BOOK LAUNCH – Power Lunch: First Course
Featuring author J. Torres
Saturday November 5th, 2011
Little Island Comics, 742 Bathurst Street, Toronto
11am – 2pm

Join Little Island Comics on Saturday November 5th for the most powerful book launch of the season! Little Island Comics is proud to host the launch of Power Lunch: First Course, by J. Torres and Dean Trippe, and published by Oni Press.

Head to Little Island Comics between 11am and 2pm, where author J Torres will serve up a power lunch while signing copies of Power Lunch!

  • Enter to win Powerful Lunchboxes!
  • Savour fun giveaways!
  • Possibly obtain superpowers?
  • Power Lunch!

Don’t miss it! Power Lunch is the most important read of the day!

About Power Lunch:
Joey is a sickly looking kid who’s been raised to believe that he’s allergic to pretty much everything with a hue. His mother has him on a strict diet that avoids a huge list of food–anything that isn’t white is off the table–literally. Why the restrictive diet? Well, it turns out every food gives Joey a different super power! Lunch time just got a whole lot crazier!

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