The Beguiling, Canada’s premier retailer of comics and graphic novels, will be representing the original art sales over two-dozen cartoonists at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Sharing booth space with Canada’s Drawn & Quarterly in booth 1529, The Beguiling will feature original art for sale by some of the best and brightest graphic novelists working in the medium.

A select number of new pieces will be available for sale at San Diego, including the complete illustrations by Maurice Vellekoop for his “ABC: A Homoerotic Primer”, new pages from Kevin Huizenga’s “Or Else” and “Ganges” series’, new pieces from Anders Nilsen’s “Big Questions,” and many of the pages from Jordan Crane’s charming graphic novel “The Clouds Above”.

The full catalogue of works represented by The Beguiling are available for viewing at our website, http://www.beguiling.com. If you’re an art lover and would like any specific pieces brought to San Diego for inspection or purchase, please contact us immediately at mail@beguiling.com (and no later than Wednesday July 25th at 6pm). Also, feel free to pass this notice along to parties you feel may be interested!

See you in San Diego!

The Beguiling

Exhibiting with Drawn & Quarterly Booth 1529