OCT 11: Queen Street Book Launch w/ Emmanuelle Chateauneuf

Queen Street Book Launch
With author Emmanuelle Chateuneuf
Wednesday, October 11th, 2017, 6pm-8pm
@ Page & Panel, 789 Yonge Street
Free to Attend!

Page & Panel is proud to host the launch of the new book QUEEN STREET from Emmanuelle Chateauneuf and Chapterhouse Press. Emmanuelle will be in store on the book’s release day, signing and sketching for fans! Hope to see you there!


Meet Aimee– an overworked junior partner at a prestigious law firm in Manila, Philippines. One storybook romance, four back-to-back flights, and nine years later, in the small of mind but big in spirit town, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, she now lives; still overworked. But as a lower class serial-full-timer and mother to her only child, Melodie– an intelligent and eccentric seven-year-old, whose big personality is only rivaled by her even bigger imagination. Join them and a cast of unlikely characters just as confused and lost, as they stumble blindly for twelve consecutive hours through the beautifully disastrous comedy of Life. Don’t miss this breakout semi-autobiographical slice of life tale from Emmanuelle Chateauneuf, depicting the modern world as seen through the eyes of a woman and a girl, navigating the meanings of family and purpose in the complexities of simply being alive.

Written and Illustrated by Emmanuelle Chateauneuf
96 pages, 6/8 | Black & White