Now In Store: HARK, A VAGRANT! and many more new webcomics collections!

It’s a very good day to be a fan of comic strips and graphic novels that saw their first printing on the internet (i.e.: WEBCOMICS). Why? Well it’s the long-awaited release of Kate Beaton’s new comic strip collection HARK, A VAGRANT! Collecting tons of strips from the web, with about a hundred pages of all-new, never-before-seen material! Published by our friends at Drawn & Quarterly, this handsome hardcover weighs in at just $19.95, and it’s worth every penny.


We also have in our hot little hands Kate Beaton’s first strip collection, NEVER LEARN ANYTHING FROM HISTORY! Collecting the very early history strips, there is no overlap between this first book and HARK! A VAGRANT meaning you can buy both and laugh and laugh and laugh the day away without worry. It is just $18.00.


The publishers of Kate Beaton’s first book, Topatoco, have hooked us up with all of the new releases from their fall 2011 line-up, AND they’ve restocked us on a bunch of the books that we were out of. That means we’ve got a ton of awesome, brand new graphic novels and comic strip collections now in stock!

The Anime Club, by KC Green: This is an amazing, gut-wrenchingly good graphic novella about 4 social misfits who form an anime club and watch as it all goes horribly, terribly, hilariously wrong. This is seriously, seriously, a classic of the internet era, collecting everything that is good and funny about awkwardness and nerds in one place. It is like looking into the abyss, and having the abyss look back at you, and then you both have a good laugh. $14.00

Also Available: Midnite Surprise #1, a full-colour collection of strips, gags, and humourous asides from KC Green. $9.00

Beartato and The Incredible Event, by Anthony Clark: This second collection of Nedroid strips features even more terrific, outlandish, and occasionally non-sequitur happenings from Beartato and Reginald. It is very, very funny, but also very much an acquired taste. We invite you to acquire it for just $17.00.

Also Available: Beartato and the Secret of the Mystery, the first collection of Nedroid strips. $17.00.

Dresden Codak Primer, by Aaron Diaz: This new, full-colour book introduces you to the world of DRESDAN CODAK, the sci-fi serialized graphic novella. Featuring original character art and illustrations, tons of all new text, and favourite scenes from the comics. A must for any fan of the series. $12.00.

Octopus Pie: Listen Along With Octopus Pie, by Meredith Gran: The second collection of Octopus Pie stories picks up right where the first one left off, with Hanna and Eve live together in Brooklyn and they live their lives and it’s just amazing contemporary fiction with a bit of magical realism that sucks you in and doesn’t let go. OutSTANDing. $17.00

Also Available: Octopus Pie Book One. $20.

Questionable Content Book 1 & 2, by Jeph Jacques: Continuing the collection of Jeph Jacques’ mega-popular daily comic strip about life, love, robots, emotionally-crippled people, music, awkardness, coffee, and being in your mid 20s. Full colour, $18 each.


We’ve also secured more stock of past hits like PROBLEM SLEUTH BOOK 1 & 2, from MS Paint Adventures by Andrew Hussie, and OVERCOMPENSATING BOOK ONE by Jeffrey Rowland. These join our already delightfully stocked assortment of comics whose initial publication occurred on the internet (i.e.: WEBCOMICS), like DINOSAUR COMICS, WONDERMARK, ACHEWOOD, GIRL GENIUS, and dozens more.

Happy comics from the internet and now in print form day, everyone!

– Chris @ The Beguiling