We’re happy to report that we managed to get in early copies of BLACK BLIZZARD, the very first graphic novel by Yoshihiro Tatsumi. Heavily referenced in last year’s A DRIFTING LIFE, BLACK BLIZZARD marked an artistic break-through for Tatsumi and is essentially the first “Gekiga” book.

Drawn & Quarterly has produced a lovely archive edition of the work, which includes all 16 of the original colour pages from the book (though the rest of the work is in b&w). While the work was originally published in 1956, it holds up spectacularly well today and is an amazing and gritty counterpoint to much of the mainstream comics work being published in North America (or even Japan…) in the 50s. An amazing, important book and one that we’re very glad to see released in English.
BLACK BLIZZARD is $21.95, and available on both floors of the store. It is highly recommended.
– Chris @ The Beguiling