NOW IN STOCK: Palookaville 20, Nipper 1963-64, Make Me A Woman

Hurrah! A trio of long-awaited books from the good folks at Drawn & Quarterly have finally made their way to us!

The most long-awaited of all? PALOOKAVILLE #20, now in an attractive hardcover book format! Containing 30 new pages of “Clyde Fans”, sketchbook excerpts, an overview of Seth’s Dominon City exhibition, and an unpublished short story! It’s a lovely collection of material and will look handy and distinguished on your bookshelf.

Also coming by way of Seth is NIPPER: 1963-1964, a collection of the comic strip “Doug Wright’s Family” (which was also titled “Nipper” in some newspapers). It’s a cute, charming, and very well-drawn collection of comic strips by the great Canadian cartoonist.

Finally, we have MAKE ME A WOMAN, a collection of comics by the incredibly talented Vanessa Davis. This fantastic autobiographical tomb incorporates work from throughout her career, including her much-linked-around-the-internet strips for Tablet magazine. Her personal and intimate comics tackle youth, family, relationships, and her Jewish identity–she’s one of my favourite young cartoonists and this is an outstanding collection of her work.

All three books are in stock now and available on both floors.

– Christopher