NOW IN STOCK: Order Of The Stick Books!

We’ve been trying to restock for a while now, but it looks like they’re finally back in! ORDER OF THE STICK is the name of a very funny webcomics series about the characters in a “fantasy role playing game”, though they’re fairly self-aware and love to break the fourth wall. Check it out at, and if you’re a gamer (active or lapsed) you’ll find lots to laugh about.

The webcomics are available as graphic novels as well, with 4 volumes collecting stand-alone online adventures of the party, and 2 completely-original-to-the-books stories, also completely stand-alone. It’s easy to pick up and read, and laugh, and enjoy, and we’ve just gotten a bunch of the books in stock, including 3 we’ve never had before!
Order of the Stick: War & XPs (New!)
Order of the Stick: Don’t Split The Party (New!)
Order of the Stick: On The Origin of PC’s
Order of the Stick: Start of Darkness (New!)
Order of the Stick: No Cure For The Paladin Blues
The books all range in price from about $19 to about $30, depending on thickness, full colour, etc. They just arrived today, and they’re on the second floor with the other webcomics stuff.
– Chris @ The Beguiling