NOW IN STOCK: Kazu Kibuishi’s COPPER and Jake Parker’s MISSILE MOUSE

Just in time for Christmas! If you were looking for books for the kid on your list that’s all-done with the BONE series and is looking for the next great book to read, check out these fantastic new graphic novels from Scholastic’s GRAPHIX line!

AMULET creator Kazu Kibuishi presents COPPER, a fun and funny action adventure story with shorts that have previously appeared in Flight and Flight: Explorer. COPPER is a collection of short stories and strips that build a larger portrait of the world, and while it’s totally great for younger readers older readers will appreciate the layered humour and complex range of emotions in the cast. Available in HC for $27.99 and in SC for $16.99.
Meanwhile, you may recognize Jake Parker’s MISSILE MOUSE from the cover of Flight: Explorer a few years back! Well he’s blasting off in his first solo adventure, MISSILE MOUSE: THE STAR CRUSHER. This story is a slam-bang action tale and the best part is it’s done-in-one, with a complete beginning, middle, and end… but with lots of room for future adventures! MISSILE MOUSE is available in HC for $27.99 and SC for $13.99.
– Chris @ The Beguiling