NOW IN STOCK: David Collier’s CHIMO Graphic Novel

Fresh from its release party at the War Museum comes David Collier’s newest graphic novel, Chimo, from the fine folks at Conundrum Press. Y’see, some people may not know this but David Collier decided to re-enlist to the Canadian army a few years back at the age of 40. He’s serving in the Canadian Forces Artists Program, and this new work is an account of his re-enlisting, his life today, and his signature digressions into the past and biography of some of his favourite Canadians. It’s a neat book.

Chimo is 128 pages, black and white, and retails for $17.

As a special incentive for folks that are intrigued by this fascinating story, The Beguiling will be offering a special deal on Chimo; with purchase, you can pick up either Collier’s The Frank Ritz Papers or Hamilton Sketchbook for a package price of $25, or get all the books for $30!

Oh, and Daivd was nice enough to send along a small photo, enjoy!

“Here’s your Canadian Forces Artists Program Artists” (that’s David Collier, third from the right).

– Chris @ The Beguiling