NOW IN STOCK: Becky Cloonan’s WOLVES, Diesel Sweeties SOCKS

Heh, get ready for this. We picked up a TON of awesome books and merch at TCAF and boy-oh-boy are we happy to share it with you. First up, Diesel Sweeties Pixel Socks in all sorts of styles. Includes Mens & Ladies versions of Red Robot on Yellow, Little Red Robot Pattern on Red, Pixel Skulls on Black, Pixel Clouds on Blue, and then Mens Owls and Mens Pixel Hearts. $7.50/pair, available 2nd floor.

Next up is one of the hottest books of the show! Sold out Sunday afternoon but we were lucky enough to grab some, it’s Becky Cloonan’s AWESOME new mini-comic WOLVES. A complete, original story, all are signed and numbered to a limited edition of 1,000. $10, available both floors.

Look for lots and lots more of these updates to come.

– Chris @ The Beguiling