Now In Stock: 2012 Moomin, Pokemon Calendars from Japan

Want to get a gift for yourself (or someone else) that’s essentially impossible to find in North America? How about a Japanese calendar featuring Moomin or Pokemon? Yes, on his recent travels to Japan Christopher picked up a very limited number of 2012 Calendars featuring the Pokemon and the Moomins, and they are currently available at the store.

The Moomin calendar can be set on a desk or hung from a wall, and is adorable at $20.

The Pokemon 2012 Calendar was a McDonald’s exclusive item (!) and also features over 130 stickers to decorate or paste reminders onto your calendar… or wherever. It’s $12.95.

In a completely different vein, we also have copies of The Walking Dead 2012 calendar featuring Rick and the whole merry band. Don’t they look Merry? $14.99.

– Christopher