NOW AVAILABLE: Original Art by Rafael Albuquerque from American Vampire

The Beguiling is proud to announce that we are now selling original art by Rafael Albuquerque, artist on the acclaimed new DC/Vertigo series American Vampire, created by the legendary Stephen King. The Beguiling has secured more than 20 pages of original artwork from the series for sale, including the iconic cover to the first issue and the first hardcover graphic novel. This work can be found for sale in The Beguiling’s Original Art Store, at

Rafael Albuquerque is an amazing young artist, and American Vampire is really the first series to fully showcase his full range and talent. With the book illustrated in two unique styles–a straight pen and ink style for the “present day” stories and a lush grey wash for a story set in the old west. The series is an original creation by Master of Horror and bestselling novelist Stephen King, and his first original work in the medium of comics. King collaborates with Albuquerque and writer Scott Snyder to bring the stories of vampiric history–in the roaring twenties and the old west–to life.
The Beguiling proudly represents the original art sales for dozens of critically acclaimed comics artists including Paul Pope, Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon, Kagan McLeod, Jeffrey Brown, Sammy Harkham, Anders Nilsen, Michel Rabagliati, and many more. Visit us online at to see the full selection of original artwork, posters, and prints available for sale.
– Chris @ The Beguiling