New Topatoco Books In-Stock!

Fresh off the courier truck, The Beguiling is excited to have new books in from Topatoco.

Gunshow Superbook One collects KC Green’s ‘tude-filled webcomic from 2008-2009, including strips from The 3 Minis, The Blood Cloud, and Question Hound’s Puzzle-torium. All of these laughs are available for only $18.00.

Suitor to the Sodajerk’s Confidante collects chapters 10-13 of Andrew Hussie’s wildly popular Problem Sleuth mystery series. The fantastic, full-colour book comes complete with author notes on every page – It’s like you’re never reading alone! For only $20.00, you can be a part of the mayhem.

And, finally, OGLAF is back in-stock! Our last shipment sold-out fast, so hurry on in to get your fix of hilarious fantasy smut.