The Beguiling Books & Art is proud to announce that we are now selling pages from Shintaro Kago’s TCAF-debuting graphic novel TRACT in our artstore! The pages can be seen at

We have made available 28 pages from chapters 2 and 3 of TRACT, the title page of each chapter plus 13 interior pages from each. As TRACT is an entirely wordless work, the pages tell a story all on their own and are perfect for framing. This is Shintaro Kago’s first full-colour manga, and first entirely wordless manga, making these pages a true rarity. Please note: Many of these pages are very graphically violent. Maybe that’s not for you?

The Beguiling would like to thank artist Shintaro Kago, and TRACT publisher Hollow Press, for their assistance with these art sales. For more info on Hollow Press, visit


TRACT is a 64 page wordless graphic novella that features Shintaro Kago’s trademark combinations of formalist experimentation, 21st century anxiety, body modification, and erotic grotesquery. Not for the faint of heart, Kago’s work has been lauded internationally for its uncompromising takes on sexuality and modern culture. Darkly humourous and often unsettling, Kago’s “fashionable paranoia” drags the dark underground of contemporary society into the light for all to see. Published by Hollow Press.


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