New In The Artstore: SERENITY, by Fabio Moon & Zack Whedon

The Beguiling is proud to announce a wonderful and unique addition to our artstore–a complete story based on the very popular SERENITY (FIREFLY) television series and movie, courtesy of Fabio Moon.

Fabio Moon (and his brother Gabriel Ba) have been selling works through us for a number of years, including his art from his runs on Casanova, BPRD, and Joss Whedon’s Sugar Shock. This if Moon’s first foray into the Firefly universe, and it’s a great little story.

Written by Zack Whedon (co-creator of Dr. Horrible and Firefly creator Joss Whedon’s brother), Serenity: It’s Never Easy is a 10-page short about Mal encountering some unexpected trouble during a routine restocking stop. It is the first Firefly story to be set after the events of the movie “Serenity,” and over a hundred thousand copies of the story were given away this past May in Dark Horse’s Star Wars/Serenity Free Comic Book Day 2012 comic.

The complete 10 page story is being sold for US$6000, and is available in The Beguiling’s Artstore, at Other pages from Fabio Moon’s and Gabriel Ba’s diverse careers are also available at that address.

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– Chris @ The Beguiling
The price originally listed in this posting was incorrect. The Beguiling sincerely regrets the error.