New In The Art Store: Farel Dalrymple!


We’re happy to announce that we’ve added a selection of gorgeous new pages by Farel Dalrymple to the art store! The centerpiece is clearly the beautiful 3-page story, drawn by Farel and written by Grant Morrison, which appears in the Prometheus Eternal comic book (now available in store, by the way).

The new pieces are:

  • Prometheus Eternal 3 page set
  • It Will All Hurt #3 Cover
  • Wuarter Moon – Cat Comic
  • Palefire Graphic Novel Cover Art
  • Thought Bubble Anthology Comics Page
  • a beautiful Sherwood drawing, from Wrenchies

Go check out the new pages, and all of the marvelous art now available!

Thanks to Farel and YOU for checking it out!

– Chris @ The Beguiling