New In Store: Prints by Michael Cho

Visitors to The Toronto Comic Arts Festival will likely remember the spectacular Transmission-X installation room, featuring original art, prints, posters, and life-sized cut-outs of the characters of many of Toronto’s best comics artists. Particularly striking were the prints of artist Michael Cho, featuring a limited but vivid colour palette, and a mix of quiet Toronto neighborhood scenes and bold and bright adventurers.

The Beguiling is pleased to announce that we will now be selling these prints outside of the confines of festivals and conventions, in store. The prints come in two sizes, and retail for between $30 and $50. In addition, we’ve had a number of these prints framed in the handsome black frame style you see above and to the right, and framed prints run between $130 and $150.

The following prints are currently on hand:

“Superfriends” – $30
“Cap vs. Cap” – $30

“Toronto Back Alleys #4” $30
“Toronto Back Alleys #7” $30 (shown top, available framed for $130)
“Toronto Back Alleys #12” $30

“OMAC” $50 (available framed for $150)
“Uncanny X-men” $50 (available framed for $150)
“Fear Agent” $50 (available framed for $150)
“The Killing Girl” $50 (shown above right, available framed for $150)

All prints are available for viewing in store. Please check with the main floor cashier or view several of the framed prints in the stairwell gallery.

For more on Michael Cho, please visit his website at

– Chris @ The Beguiling