NEW IN STOCK: New Books from Nestlings Press!

Toronto-based publishing house Nestlings Press has just dropped off two new collections to the store: When Tom Met Alison: A Fisher Collection by Philip Street, and A Fine Line: The Caricatures of Anthony Jenkins by Anthony Jenkins.


Beginning almost 20 years ago in the Globe & Mail, Fisher is the ongoing adventures of the bumbling Tom Fisher and the winsome/strong-willed Allison. Are they roommates? Are they…more than roommates? When Tom Met Alison collects the first 10 years of the strip, and can be yours for only $19.95.

JenkinsA Fine Line brings together over 100 of Globe and Mail artist Anthony Jenkins’ portraits of famous faces throughout the ages. It’s got Joni Mitchell, Glenn Gould, David Suzuki, and our own neighbour, “Honest Ed” Mirvish! And lots of non-Canadians too! This book is also just $19.95, and can be found on the main floor.