New Books, New Anime

At most comic book stores, Wednesday is “new comic book day”, where the majority of new product is released onto bookshelves for the week. We here at The Beguiling are getting new product pretty-much every day though, a variety of books, comics, dvds and more. We don’t normally post about it because who has the time (Except for the new manga–those fans want those books as fast as we can get them!)? But since we had a particularly heavy load of stuff that didn’t show up as part of the regular Wednesday shipment, we thought we’d do a quick post letting you know about all about the cool new stuff in stock (and back in stock)!

New Books and Back in Stock
Alazar’s Book of Bondage Volume 3
All Natural Girls HC
Beautiful Decay Book 4
Blab World V1
ChainBreaker Bike Book – Updated Edition
Fanzines: The DIY Revolution
H.J Ward HC
Hi Fructose Collection HC V2 and Special Edition HC V2
Hiroshige, Taschen 25th Anniversary HC
I Cari Estinti (Dearly Departed)
Kustom Graphics: Hot Rods, Burlesque, and Rock n Roll
Private: 1980-1989 HC Box Set
Rockwell, Taschen 25th Anniversary HC
Snow Yak (Mark Ryden)
The Epileptic Bicycle
The West Wing
Tintin & Co. HC
Tokyo Underground 2 HC

Comics & Graphic Novels Back in Stock
Barefoot Gen V1, V2, V3, V4,
Boys Club #4
Elvis Road HC
My Brain Hurts
New Mutantes (Seripop)
Pie #1
Scarygirl Graphic Novel
Three Comics #1

New Magazines & Zines and Back In Stock
Barely Alive – Cubicle Five Zine #1
Comic Art Magazine #9
Gothic & Lolita Bible v21
Hi Fructose Magazine #9, #17
More Beer Less Work Zine #1
Shut Up & Love The Rain Zine
Specious Species Zine #4

Slingshot Small Organizer 2011

New Anime DVD
Brighter Than The Dawning Blue Complete Collection
Clannad Complete Collection
Destiny of the Shrine Maiden Complete Collection
Eyeshield 21 Collection 2
Gintama Collection 2
Golgo 13 Collection 1
Hell Girl: Two Mirrors Collection 1
Hell Girl: Two Mirrors Collection 2
Indian Summer Complete Collection
La Corda D’Oro Primo Passo Collection 1
Legends of the Dark King Complete Collection
Mahoromatic Automatic Maiden Complete Collection
Orphen Complete Collection
Papillion Rose Complete Collection
Polyphonica Complete Collection
Sakura Wars TV Complete TV Series
Samurai Harem Complete Collection
Special A Collection 1
Special A Collection 2

New Yaoi Manga
Stray Cat
Under Grand Hotel V2

– Chris