New Books In Stock!

Oh man! We have so many awesome books in stock that have arrived outside of Diamond! Here are some of them!

Picture 003

First up: Equal opportunity-porn, and specifically gay comics porn!

On the left, we have SMUT PEDDLER, the Kickstarter’d collection of pansexual adventures by some amazing comics creators and illustrators. Trans, Gay, Lesbian, and even heterosexual smut is contained within these pages! This is a fantastic collection of material and if you liked TRUE PORN or DIRTY STORIES you will love this collection!

Second, and spine-out to the right of Smut Peddler, is a TON of restocked gay porn! Yes, we’ve restocked everything we were out of from the good folks at Bruno Gmunder. Gay comics erotica, illustrated pin-ups, basically everything except for their photo stuff. For a closer look at the titles in stock:

Picture 002

Click to enlarge at your own risk!

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We’ve also stocked the MAXIMUM & MINIMUM and OTAKULAND graphic albums from the artist WALDER, who will be signing in-store this July! These are great looking books, French language, check them out!


Also! This graphic album has been translated into English by Jonathan Cape in England! This is a gorgeous book, and has been getting incredible attention in the original language. Well we’ve got it in English now and you can be way, way ahead of the curve on one of the year’s best books in translation…


Speaking of books in translation, I was convinced that we would never see the next volume of Junko Mizuno’s LITTLE FLUFFY GIGOLO PELU, but lo! and Behold! Here it is! I think a reprint of the first volume is going to be available shortly as well. All I know is I’m totally stoked for this release!

Finally: Japanese Comics Smut!


We got two titles from Project H! The titles are incredible indicators of their ‘charms’! Check out “KNOCK ME UP” and “LOVE INFUSION”.



And on the slightly classier end of the scale, it’s hot dude-on-dude action for the ladies from our friends at SuBLime! Unfortunately the titles aren’t quite as sexually evocative, but they do invite you to let your imagination run wild. Check out Sleeping Moon, Bond of Dreams Bond of Love, Blue Morning, His Favorite, False Memories, Hide and Seek.

– Chris