New At The Store: Stuff

We’ve got tons of interesting new stuff at the store that may or may not have shown up on shipping lists… and etc. Let’s go:


From left to right, we’ve got Alex Raymond: His Life & Art, $49.95, Jellaby Volume 1 SC, $9.99, and Tamara Drewe HC, $42.50.

Slave Labor Graphics Super-Selection!

A: NEW! SQUEE Poster by Jhonen Vasquez. $9.00. Not available in most stores!
B: NEW! Johnny The Homicidal Maniac: Many Faces of Johnny Poster. $8.00
C: It Ate Billy At Christmas, by Roman Dirge with art by Steven Daily. $12.95
D: Jellyfist, by Jhonen Vasquez and Jenny Goldberg. $8.95.
E: Peter The Pirate Squid, by Roman Dirge and Steven Daily. $5.95.
F: Haunted Mansion Deluxe HC, featuring Roman Dirge & Various. $49.95.

All of the above is available in store now! If you really want to mail-order something, drop us a line at

– Christopher