LCSD Specials Added
Come one, come all, to the second annual Local Comic Shop Day, taking place on Saturday, November 19th, 2016! Local Comic Shop Day is a day to get out and explore comic book stores in your city, and publishers have created special products available only at the participating stores.
To help make up for the LCSD product allocations, we’re adding some special discounts:

(Saturday and Sunday)
1 All items currently discounted in our bargain rooms above Little Island Comics are now half price, that means comics are not 50 cents but 25 cents, and all of the books, previously $1 – $5, are now half that.

2 On the second floor of The Beguiling, all of our regular backissues (for the purposes of this sale, any single issue comics priced below $20 and bearing a date prior to 2016) are half price. Any $20 or over are 25% off, excluding the few boxes of recent arrivals.

3 On the main floor of The Beguiling it is liquidation time for the back wall artbook section. All of our artbooks on this wall, are 30% off, (buy 4 or more and get half off). While technically not part of that section, the applies also to the adults-only section adjacent to it. Any books on animation on the main floor are also included.