Le Beguiling est découvert par Le Métropolitain – The Beguiling is discovered by Le Métropolitain

While we appreciate all of the press coverage that we receive here at The Beguiling, my favourite types of articles are the ones where the journalist in question “discovers” the store in the way that so many of our customers do. We’re aware that the shop can sometimes seem intimidating, particularly to newcomers, and the shelves are stacked high with every type of comic, graphic novel, art book, and more. But we’ve always maintained that The Beguiling is a wonderful place to “poke around” in, to just sort of pick a shelf and see what it offers, and we’re delighted that Raphaël Lopoukhine, a journalist for Le Métropolitain (one of Toronto’s several French-language newspapers) did just that.

You can find the complete article at http://www.lemetropolitain.com/nouvelles.asp?jID=1&nID=14852, and while the general tone is a bit downbeat, lamenting the lack of brick-and-mortar options for French-language books in Toronto, it is very kind and positive about The Beguiling and our selection of French comic books. Here’s the quote,

“Des conseils, vous en trouverez dans la librairie The Beguiling, sur la rue Markham. Une librairie spécialisée dans la bande dessinée, y compris francophone (le patron est un grand amateur du genre francophone). Et force est de constater que la collection est très complète. Tant pour les classiques que les œuvres plus expérimentales où que les dernières nouveautés (on y trouve le dernier Blacksad!). Pour un prix équivalent au prix québécois.

“The Beguiling est donc le seul véritable point positif du marché fixe du livre en français à Toronto. Mais l’endroit vaut vraiment la peine d’y passer et de s’y arrêter. “

– Raphaël Lopoukhine, Le Métropolitain 

with a quick translation:

Advice is something you will find at The Beguiling, a bookstore on Markham Street. Specializing in comics, including French-language material (the owner is a big fan). It must be said the collection is very complete. Not just the classics but also more experimental material and the latest releases (we found the latest Blacksad!) The prices are the same as in Quebec.

The Beguiling is thus the only positive thing to mention in terms of brick and mortar book retail in Toronto. It is really worth a visit.  

– Raphaël Lopoukhine, Le Métropolitain 

Since this article appeared in both the print and online versions of the newspaper a few weeks back, a dozen or so new customers for BD (bande dessinée, or French comics albums) have made their way to the store, finding books they didn’t know they could get locally for themselves and their children. Everything from complete runs of Tintin and Asterix in French to, as Raphaël pointed out, the very newest volume of Blacksad by Guardino and Canales. In addition to trying to keep a solid selection of new and classic material, we are always happy to take special orders for books not carried on the shelves, and even that business has seen a lovely uptick over the past few weeks…!

Thanks very much to Raphaël and Le Métropolitain for the coverage. And if you happen to be out looking for French-language comics and graphic novels this winter–or any kind of comics and graphic novels really–feel free to stop by.

– Chris @ The Beguiling